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The ‘Uber of Air Travel’ Could Be Coming Soon

00:00 [Music] 00:05 it's no secret that human population 00:06 increases over the last decade have 00:08 developed into a transportation problem 00:10 traffic jams once only an issue in the 00:12 most congested areas during peak travel 00:14 seasons are now a common occurrence in 00:17 less than a decade the gig economy made 00:19 famous by rideshare companies like uber 00:21 could include space pilots for hire 00:24 earlier this year nasa partnered with 00:26 joby aviation an aviation company out of 00:28 northern california to test a futuristic 00:31 air taxi 00:32 the small aircraft with its six rotors 00:34 in rounded shape was designed from day 00:36 one to have a low noise profile and 00:38 blend into the environment of busy city 00:40 life 00:41 on a single charge joby aviation's air 00:44 taxi was able to complete a 150 mile 00:47 flight that's equivalent of los angeles 00:50 to san diego or seattle to vancouver an 00:52 incredible step towards lower emissions 00:55 but it's not all clear skies the 00:56 electric air taxi humans have not been 00:59 great about their manipulation of the 01:01 natural environment 01:02 if the space trash of dead satellites 01:04 and other tech orbiting around the plan 01:06 is any indication humans are going to 01:08 treat the skies like one big blue 01:10 garbage dump regardless joby aviation 01:13 acquired uber elevates air taxi program 01:15 and is backed by toyota they hope to 01:17 begin commercial passenger service by 01:19 2024. if that comes to pass it won't be 01:22 long before hitting up steve on your 01:25 uber air app yes this could be 01:27 disastrous on the long term 01:30 but hey getting to las vegas just got a 01:32 little easier 01:33 hi i'm c.k kimball with the tundra 01:35 enthusiast network thanks for watching

In less than a decade, the “gig-economy” (made famous by rideshare companies like Uber) could include pilots. For two weeks NASA partnered with Joby Aviation, an electric aviation company based in Northern California, to test a futuristic “air taxi” with the purpose of moving cargo and passengers in and between cities.


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