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How Wormholes Could Make The Impossible Possible

00:04 the space race is on fire with private 00:06 companies such as spacex and blue origin 00:08 battling it out to partner with the 00:10 intrepid independent federal agency nasa 00:13 to see who's going to be the first one 00:14 to send humans into space but getting 00:16 humans in a profitable spaceship and out 00:18 of the earth's atmosphere is just the 00:20 first challenge eventually just as a car 00:22 trip coast to coast in the 1900s would 00:24 take about 00:25 63 days the time of travel is going to 00:27 become a major factor after all a trip 00:30 to the moon under a spacex launch could 00:32 be six days on a trip to mars 00:35 look at about six to nine months 00:38 no one's got time for that 00:40 unless you got a wormhole 00:42 it's important to note for the following 00:44 that time to the average perception is 00:46 basically the speed of light a wormhole 00:48 is a hypothetical shortcut connecting 00:50 one end of the galaxy to the other in 00:52 this case instead of an invisible force 00:55 attracting objects to one another such 00:56 as we are standing here on earth gravity 00:58 is a curving warping force the bigger an 01:01 object is the more gravity is curved 01:04 around it and thus the more light is 01:06 curved around it the more light is 01:08 curved the weirder time gets 01:12 now wormhole needs a black hole a black 01:14 hole is a region of space-time 01:15 space-time being the three dimensions of 01:17 space with a dash of one dimension of 01:19 time where the gravity is so strong 01:21 particles are drawn into it where they 01:23 cannot escape this boundary is called 01:25 the event horizon and the event horizon 01:28 has got to go to have any sort of 01:30 functioning wormhole the easiest way to 01:33 traverse a wormhole is with a white hole 01:36 a white hole or the black hole's time 01:38 reversal is a region of space time in 01:41 which articles particles particle 01:43 articles party articles 01:45 cannot enter 01:46 basically space's most exclusive 01:48 nightclub both 01:50 both are absolutely terrifying but take 01:53 a black hole input on one end 01:55 white hole on the other put a space-time 01:57 conduit in the center exotic matter or 01:59 duct tape will do and that should form a 02:02 tunnel called a throat by experts 02:05 with that you got yourself a beautiful 02:07 wormhole 02:09 if it's stable now all of that is 02:11 possible if and that's the biggest if in 02:13 the universe right now it's stable 02:16 initially it was theorized that you 02:18 would need massive amounts of exotic 02:20 matter in this case negative matter 02:22 which is exactly what it sounds like to 02:23 hold that throat or tunnel opened but dr 02:27 rosa of avero university in portugal has 02:30 theorized another version another theory 02:32 if you will of gravity in this case the 02:35 journalized hypermetric palatini theory 02:37 of gravity so with respect to the og 02:39 theory of general relativity 02:41 respect 02:43 rosa's theory adds a bit more 02:45 flexibility and energy and matter and 02:47 space and time with this consideration 02:49 instead of having to stack negative 02:51 matter around the tunnel using quantum 02:53 physics to basically force it open this 02:57 new theory allows the idea of stacking 03:00 regular matter on the ends of the tunnel 03:02 and plates to kind of use gravitational 03:05 force to naturally open the throat so 03:08 particles can pass through so as we 03:10 humans venture further out into space 03:12 and most likely into long travel times 03:14 and economy class space shuttles keep in 03:17 mind that every complicated scientific 03:19 concept has become commonplace if you 03:21 find yourself waiting out a delayed 03:23 space flight remember all you need for a 03:25 quick wormhole is 03:26 black hole a white hole a space-time 03:29 conduit exotic matter a working theory 03:32 of gravity and an open mind 03:35 bullnappa space 03:37 hi i'm ck gimbal with the tundra 03:39 enthusiast network thanks for watching 03:47 you

The space race is on fire with private companies battling it out to partner with NASA in a bid to make human space travel as common as a delayed Delta flight.


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