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Extraordinary James Bond Installation at LA Petersen Auto Museum

0:03 oh 0:05 [Music] 0:15 [Applause] 0:16 [Music] 0:21 the peterson automotive museum's always 0:22 looking for overlaps 0:25 with the automobile and other aspects of 0:27 culture whether it's movies music art 0:30 engineering design etc and so we're all 0:33 we always have feelers out for ideas 0:34 where we get that kind of overlap we 0:36 don't want to just be a pure car museum 0:38 we kind of think of ourselves as a 0:39 culture museum a couple of years ago we 0:41 learned that an exhibition in london 0:43 bond in motion is what it was called 0:44 featuring a number of these cars was 0:46 coming to an end we saw an opportunity 0:49 we went to london and asked about what 0:50 was going to be happening next with 0:51 these cars and learned that there wasn't 0:53 a plan for them right away 0:55 so we engaged with eon productions which 0:57 is the production company that produces 0:59 the bond films and 1:01 entered some negotiations with them and 1:04 we ended up coming up with a plan for 1:06 bringing the cars here to the united 1:07 states in what's actually the first 1:09 official exhibition of bond vehicles 1:11 ever in the united states which is 1:13 pretty remarkable given the fact that 1:15 the bond franchise is actually now 60 1:17 years old and in 60 years there's never 1:19 been an official exhibition of bond 1:20 vehicles in the united states so where 1:23 this is the first occasion that they've 1:24 been brought here on an official basis 1:26 meaning with the approval and the 1:27 endorsement of eon productions 1:30 and we have a pretty great assortment of 1:32 vehicles this is not just cars 1:34 it's also airplanes submarines boats and 1:36 other 1:38 vehicles of various types that are 1:39 sometimes even hard to describe we have 1:41 them representing movies as far back as 1:45 1963 and going all the way up to the 1:47 present day this 1:49 aston martin db5 to my left was driven 1:51 by daniel craig in the movie coming out 1:53 this week in the united states no time 1:55 to die we don't yet know what's going to 1:57 happen to the exhibit after this if 1:58 we're just going to be the first 1:59 iteration of a traveling sort of series 2:02 these cars may go back to england and 2:04 may go back into storage they may end up 2:06 and touring around the united states but 2:07 that remains to be determined regardless 2:09 we're very excited to be the first the 2:11 first location of an official bond 2:13 exhibition or an official bond vehicle 2:15 exhibition ever in north america i would 2:17 say the there are many brands that have 2:19 been associated with james bond got 2:21 jaguar bmw a land rover but i think 2:24 really all starting with this card the 2:26 db5 aston martin became the brand that 2:28 is truly synonymous with bond 2:31 although 2:32 james bond drove cars very prominently 2:35 in movies prior to goldfinger in 1964 it 2:38 was this car or not this specific one 2:40 but this model in goldfinger in 1964 2:43 that really hold set the whole sort of 2:45 ball rolling in terms of cars being a 2:47 crucial part of the bond movies and cars 2:49 containing 2:51 gadgets that's that's the really 2:52 important thing is that it's not just a 2:54 car it's a car full of gadgets machine 2:56 guns 2:57 oil slicks flamethrowers ejection seats 2:59 and things like that the cars used in 3:01 bond films before this had none of that 3:03 they were simply cars that joined bond 3:05 used to get around 3:07 but with the introduction of the db5 3:10 the cars became almost characters of 3:12 their own with gadgets and that sort of 3:13 thing 3:14 this car was chosen or this model was 3:17 chosen specifically because it was 3:18 extremely british extremely beautiful 3:21 and really just fit the sort of debonair 3:23 um uh 3:26 appearance and 3:27 attitude of james bond it just it was a 3:29 perfect match at the time and 3:32 since then a num many many aston martins 3:35 have been used in james bond movies 3:36 we've got three or four others in this 3:38 exhibit alone and they continue to be 3:40 used up until the the present movie no 3:42 time to die with some of the latest asks 3:43 and actually two brand new aston martin 3:45 models appear in the current movie 3:48 in addition to this exact car it's worth 3:50 noting that this car although it's the 3:52 same model as the 19 or as the 3:55 db5 that appeared in gold pinker in 1964 3:58 this specific vehicle on display is one 4:00 that's been used in five later films 4:03 goldeneye tomorrow never dies sky fall 4:05 spectre and no time to die 4:07 as i mentioned driven by daniel craig in 4:09 the most recent movie and this specific 4:11 car is the most used car in james bond 4:15 movie history uh given that it was used 4:17 in so many films 4:18 i would take you probably to the lotus 4:21 submarine 4:22 used in the spy who loved me yeah that 4:25 and then another aston martin the dd10 4:27 which is the sort of the conclusion to 4:28 our exhibit what's great about the lotus 4:30 is that it's not just a car with gadgets 4:32 but it's actually a car that completely 4:34 transforms uh it's it's it's mode of 4:37 operation it goes 4:39 well beyond what had been done with bond 4:42 cars before it where they had an 4:44 enormous number of exciting as i've said 4:47 gadgets um weapons and sort of hidden 4:49 characteristics and traits and could in 4:51 some cases perform some very unexpected 4:54 stunts but this is the first instance of 4:56 a car 4:57 completely transforming into something 4:59 different and also having all of the 5:01 interesting gadgets that became 5:03 typical for james bond vehicles 5:06 if you've seen the movie you know 5:07 certainly what happens here he drives 5:09 this car off a pier and you at first 5:11 think that there everybody's gonna you 5:13 know have a suffer a dire fate but in 5:15 fact at the last moment it transformed 5:17 itself into a submarine and everybody is 5:19 perfectly fine and they even find a way 5:20 to work quite a bit of humor 5:22 into 5:23 the usage of the car as a submarine i 5:25 especially like the part right here 5:27 where he drives out of the water 5:28 afterwards and drops some fish out of 5:30 the side of the car 5:32 for the passers-by to look at it's 5:33 they're always always incorporating 5:35 humor no matter how serious the 5:37 underlying plot is of these 5:39 and i think for a lot of people although 5:41 the db5 aston martin is really the the 5:43 most uh the car most associated with 5:46 bond this is easily a second favorite 5:49 among most bond fans it also 5:53 was 5:54 an entirely new brand so the use of a 5:55 lotus which at the time 5:58 the design of this car was really 6:01 really i guess i wouldn't say unusual it 6:02 was part of a revolution in design 6:05 movement toward away from the curvy 6:07 designs of the 1950s and 60s and towards 6:09 more of an angular crisp wedge design in 6:12 the 1970s so this car 6:14 had a very modern appearance at the time 6:16 it was very up-to-date very sort of 6:18 futuristic at being part of that that 6:21 design trend of the 1970s so that kind 6:22 of contributes to its uh unique and 6:25 interesting nature 6:26 compared to some of the more classic 6:28 cars that you see or more typical cars 6:29 that you see james bond drive 6:31 it's my understanding there were seven 6:33 of these built for use in the underwater 6:35 scenes of the movie six of those 6:37 survived filming one of them was 6:39 accidentally destroyed during 6:41 an ex somewhat of an explosion actually 6:43 i think it was compressed air compressed 6:44 a water explosion 6:46 during the scene where it left off the 6:48 pier into the water but of the six that 6:50 remain 6:51 this one is owned by the ian fleming 6:53 foundation here in the united states 6:54 elon musk does own one of the other ones 6:57 and there are a number of others out 6:58 there in other collections yes it's true 7:01 half this car is missing but for very 7:03 good reason 7:04 this is from the movie for your eyes 7:06 only and up above the car you can see a 7:07 scene of a fully well at least partially 7:10 intact citruen 2cv 7:13 if you watch this scene in the movie 7:15 you'll see how the camera shifts really 7:18 quickly between views like this where 7:20 sort of the camera is outside the 7:21 vehicle and you can see the entire 7:22 vehicle to camera angles where you're 7:24 looking through the windshield directly 7:27 at 7:27 james bond and his companion during the 7:29 chase scene so this i'm sure it's pretty 7:32 obvious what this is this is where the 7:34 the cameras and the camera man would 7:36 have been situated for all of the scenes 7:38 where they filmed straight through 7:40 the windshield looking at 7:43 looking at roger moore as he 7:46 as he 7:47 performed one of his very famous 7:49 getaways it's an intense scene but also 7:52 very humorous and very typical of bond 7:54 it's i think one of the classic chase 7:55 the classic bond chase scenes incredibly 7:57 well choreographed very complicated uh 8:00 and yeah this is a an important part of 8:02 how they pulled it off we have aston 8:04 martin down there we have a jaguar we 8:05 actually have four aston martins down 8:07 there and a jaguar yeah at this end of 8:09 the gallery we're getting into the 8:10 pierce brosnan and daniel craig era 8:12 another aston over here to the right 8:15 [Music] 8:16 actually this actual vehicle which we're 8:18 allowing our guests to sit on as a photo 8:20 op was written by pierce brosnan in the 8:23 chase scenes 8:24 in the snow and ice that you can see 8:26 depicted in the background here the 8:28 other vehicles behind it all were from 8:29 the same film in fact were all combined 8:32 in the same sort of chase sequences you 8:34 see the aston martin and then the jaguar 8:35 in the back driven by the villain aston 8:37 martin being bond's car the um the green 8:41 jaguar being the villain's car in fact 8:43 you can see in the image here 8:45 part of the chase scene where the 8:46 villain is chasing james bond that's 8:48 these two cars and i believe the scenes 8:50 with the ski do come immediately before 8:53 this if i remember right but this was 8:55 pierce brosnan's and 8:57 people are really enjoying the 8:58 opportunity to sit on a genuine a 9:00 genuine hollywood vehicle 9:03 ridden or driven by one of the stars of 9:05 the movie you may ask about my favorite 9:07 vehicles earlier and we've passed by a 9:09 pretty wide assortment of boats and 9:11 airplanes and other flying objects but 9:13 really 9:14 other than the lotus that we mentioned 9:16 earlier i think this vehicle here at the 9:18 end this aston martin would be my other 9:20 favorite 9:21 this is the aston martin db10 9:24 in my opinion one of the most beautiful 9:26 cars ever created for any reason in 9:28 automotive history it to me it looks 9:29 like it was sculpted from a single block 9:31 of metal 9:32 even though it's largely carbon fiber 9:34 but it has that just very pure beautiful 9:36 appearance one thing really unique about 9:38 this car is it was developed the design 9:42 was developed entirely for use within 9:43 the james bond movie this was not 9:46 this was not a car that pre-existed and 9:49 that the producers for bond decided oh 9:51 this will work for our movie this was 9:53 actually conceived designed developed 9:54 and built just for um 9:57 just for spectre and 9:59 they built 10 of them with the 10:00 expectation that some of them would be 10:02 used in the movie and that some of them 10:04 in the end might not be needed in the 10:05 movie and those that were not needed for 10:08 the movie would be sold 10:10 to the public 10:11 really resulting in one of the rarest 10:12 and most exclusive aston martins ever 10:15 built i'm not sure how many of the 10 10:16 survived the filming but this was an 10:19 example of one of the filming models so 10:21 the exterior is is 10:23 is complete however the interior most of 10:25 the components are false 10:27 this was driven and used in the movie 10:29 but it's one of the filming examples 10:30 unlike some of the other 10:32 examples of the total of 10 which were 10:34 complete fully drivable cars that were 10:36 then sold to the public and are in 10:38 private collections today so 10:41 really really a gorgeous car the 10:42 vehicles here are owned by three 10:45 entities 10:46 the actual vast 10:48 the vast majority of them are owned by 10:49 an organization called the ian fleming 10:51 foundation which is a an independent 10:53 non-profit foundation based in illinois 10:56 that has for a few decades now been 10:58 collecting james bond vehicles sort of 11:00 unofficially originally but now they 11:02 have so many of them that eon 11:03 productions in the united kingdom 11:04 recognizes them as the collector of 11:06 james bond vehicles and the ian fleming 11:09 foundation works closely with eon 11:11 productions for exhibits like this um 11:13 eight of the vehicles in here including 11:15 this one came from eon productions 11:17 itself in the united kingdom um they 11:19 maintain a collection of vehicles in 11:20 their in a warehouse there in the uk 11:23 and a single one this green jaguar over 11:25 here to my right is owned by the 11:26 peterson automotive museum 11:28 so yeah we have three three total 11:30 sources for the cars in the exhibit i 11:32 enjoy the the extra intensity emotion 11:35 sort of drama of the daniel craig era 11:38 and i think he was an amazing choice as 11:40 an actor i have seen the newest movie 11:42 and that really uh 11:44 he really if there was ever doubt that 11:46 he was the right person for the role for 11:47 the last few movies i think that that 11:49 pretty much seals the deal he's it's 11:51 he's pretty amazing 11:52 [Music]

Produced by EON Productions & The Ian Fleming® Foundation, LA’s Petersen Automobile Museum’s Bond in Motion represented the first official Bond car exhibition in the U.S. Here’s a glimpse.


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