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Festival Of Colors

00:08 hey patch posters back here on this 00:10 gorgeous day in Van Nuys California 00:13 today we're here celebrating the 00:14 festival of colors which is a Hindu 00:17 holiday the really cool thing about this 00:18 holiday is that it's a juxtaposition of 00:20 celebrating the passing of winter and 00:22 saying hey spring and it's also about 00:24 this really rich history of religious 00:26 stories today is all about celebrating 00:36 forgiveness and coming together as a 00:38 people as a human society and really 00:40 saying hey I forgive you I love you 00:43 let's be friends 00:44 the colors were gonna see thrown around 00:45 today are really vibrant to celebrate 00:47 spring 00:50 my fourth or fifth grade teacher she 00:52 invited me the first year and I helped 00:53 her set up it's just really fun and I've 00:55 been coming every year I literally 00:56 walked in all of my you know white and I 00:59 was like huh and awesome these guys went 01:01 boom and I'm like oh welcome 01:07 it's just such a happy place that I 01:09 think I'm excited to see everything the 01:12 jointness of being with everyone dancing 01:14 maybe that colors because of how 01:17 colorful it is it was really cool with 01:19 just throwing them all up at the same 01:20 time and we try to pop those colors when 01:22 you throw them I really are into Indian 01:27 culture and I've studied it in school 01:29 and on my own time so I liked it and I 01:31 thought this would be a good experience 01:32 for me I like to experience other 01:33 cultures and this is really cool to do 01:35 that fun freedom spirituality just the 01:38 time out to enjoy each other I have a 01:40 little fun in today's culture there's so 01:46 much stress whether it's social media 01:48 competition you know the violence we see 01:51 so today on stage I showed the adults 01:53 and the children a simple meditation 01:55 because we're so disconnected from our 01:57 bodies so taking that two seconds to 02:00 just ground yourself it's so fun I mean 02:02 we have such a fun time here today but 02:05 daily life can't always be fun but we 02:07 can remind ourselves that if you look 02:10 for the fun it's there and you don't 02:11 have to be stressed 02:16 I hope you enjoyed our experience today 02:18 at the festival of colors I feel 02:20 transformed I feel calm I feel 02:24 harmonious with myself and everyone else 02:25 around us I think I might want to stay 02:27 here a little bit longer instead of 02:30 going back to Los Angeles right away I 02:32 really hope that you'll come and visit 02:33 us at posh post com where every interest 02:36 is special so I'll see you next time 02:37 have a good one 02:41 you

The ancient religious Hindu festival Holi is celebrated as an annual rite-of-passage welcoming the beauty of Spring while recognizing Winter's passing. Look into the colors to literally feel the beauty and kindness of spirit that is India's culture.


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