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L.A. Festival Of Books

[Music] 00:08 hey patch pose we're here at the LA 00:11 Times 00:11 were over 150,000 literary lovers 00:16 University of Southern California campus 00:19 every year this is our best event of the 00:31 year we love it here people are awesome 00:33 everybody is interesting to talk to I'm 00:36 here on ders not just to do business I 00:39 like talking to interesting people I 00:40 always find cool candidates ugly I come 00:42 to the book fair to get some free books 00:43 it has like different speakers and and 00:47 then I Eike Eike learn it inspires me I 00:51 love books I usually call it you know 00:52 this is my Disneyland of the year we 00:54 came out actually to see one book into 00:56 particular it's called Presley and 00:58 Jessica it's a story about a husband and 01:00 wife 01:01 we're in the Boston Marathon many bombs 01:04 went off a few years ago I'm here today 01:07 to go I have a published answer get some 01:10 news you never get right behind me 01:13 Leilani she's you're putting her new 01:16 healthy comfort food combining 01:20 you've got the eating and soul food and 01:22 things she likes to eat 01:26 first off I'm a reader I mean and I come 01:29 at this as a as a reader in the readers 01:31 perspective so I mean I've read since I 01:33 was a kid my parents claim that I taught 01:35 myself how to read when I was 2 or 3 I 01:37 don't know what the veracity of that 01:38 claim is but the book I remember really 01:40 loving first and foremost my dad would 01:43 claim was the Lorax what I always wanted 01:45 that before axe read to me but I liked 01:47 the Golden Compass 01:48 are you ready because we want our 01:50 daughter to read more and we enjoy 01:53 teaching her to read and getting her to 01:55 read more we loved literacy we promote 02:08 reading we're all about about reading 02:11 and this is a fabulous festival that we 02:14 are participating in 02:18 I started writing when I was 8 years old 02:20 under the covers with a flashlight 02:23 you have to write sometimes it's not 02:27 something you choose something chooses 02:28 you it's a way to funnel your emotions 02:31 so they don't explode or so you don't 02:33 end up in another situation that's way 02:36 more negative I was in a very small 8th 02:38 grade classroom and there was one clique 02:40 of boys and you were hand around and I 02:43 was out and then I realized I sort of 02:44 had a mind shift where I said I'm not 02:47 the problem they're the problem and 02:48 that's really what this book is all 02:49 about it's about being happy to be 02:53 yourself it's a story of my son Dan who 02:56 was a young photojournalist who's an 02:58 artist he was an adventurer he was a 02:59 passionate creative activist who was 03:02 killed tragically at the age of 22 in 03:04 Somalia when he was covering a story dan 03:07 we discovered left behind 20 journalists 03:10 of his work and it's really inspired a 03:12 lot of people around the world to 03:14 believe there's something more to their 03:15 lives than just love maybe what they've 03:18 anticipated it causes people to reach 03:20 back into 03:21 and stretch a little further all have 03:25 that spark as a myriad of hacktivists 03:27 witness that we can use not only for 03:30 ourselves but also for others 03:32

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is the largest book festival in the U.S., hosting more than 150,000 attendees annually on the iconic - and stunning - University of Southern California campus. At a festival where attendees see their favorite celebrities at the local Starbucks, one stood out: "Food for Life" author Laila Ali, who, as a TV Four-time World Boxing Champion, TV Host and Mom made you almost forget boxing is the family sport.


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