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Burbank Classic Car Show

0:10 I live behind the motorcycle store. So my first toys were wrenches and things like that. I'm Bruce Loyle. And I'm from Pasadena, California. This is a 1963 pipe 34. And I used to travel to Germany quite a bit when I was in high school, my family there and they still have these cars on the street back in the 80s when I went because they never brought them into the US. And I became so enamored with them. And my brother and I were both in the cars like, Oh, those are so cool. We came back here, we couldn't find one. So after that, I decided I'm not getting any younger and the cars aren't getting any cheaper. So I put a sincere effort into trying to find one. This has been great because I've had old cars, but this is the first one that is it's so unique. And it draws people's attention and and I love talking about 1:05 when I was 16 years old, my dad had an old pickup truck in the backyard. And he said if you want a car, there's your car. It's a 1949 Ford pickup. So I got that thing out of the mothballs. And there was you know, rats had been living in it and it was wood in the bed and I took that car and cleaned it all up. That kind of got my passion for cars. That was the beginning. I'm Steve ham, I'm from Hollywood Hills. And this is my 1969 Porsche 912 The car belong to a director at Universal Studios. I said look I this car has been sitting around for almost eight years now and I just it was resting into the ground and I told him to look you can't let this car do this. I need to buy this from you and fix it up so I bought the car and had it for a few years sat in the garage so tore it apart. redid all the sheetmetal work on it replaced the pans rebuilt the engine picked his paint scheme when found all the colors this paint scheme is actually from a 1966 Swedish racing teams they had they were Porsche sponsors Swedish team I wanted an antique looking blue on a red so i use i like the search was on I was looking looking looking ran across a couple of cars from the 1940s it had the colors that I wanted. saw the makes and models went to the old GM catalogs for their pink colors from those eras. found those pink colors and then we just got them onto the car. There's still a lot to do on this car, believe it or not, and it's exciting to think about what I'm gonna do next. There's a lot of stuff under the under the skin here that you don't see that there are little tweaks and things to make it perfect that still needs to be done.

Only in a Studio Town can you find an event like The Burbank Car Classic -- 365 days a year the town of Burbank looks and feels like a movie set staged as a busy small-town metropolis, where residents live and work and walk to the bank and ride their bikes to the ice cream parlor on Summer evenings. Add to the mix hundreds of classic vintage cars filling the streets every year during a weekend in July or August and you'll swear you've been transported to American Graffiti.


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