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Henry Is Spinning In His Grave With Ford’s #VeryGayRaptor

00:05 ford wants you to know that they're 00:06 reading your comments even if they're 00:08 not very nice when one social media user 00:10 commented that the performance blue 00:12 color of the ford ranger raptor was 00:15 quote unquote very gay ford wasted no 00:18 time making sure their stance on the 00:19 subject was clear it would have been 00:21 easy for ford to brush this off surely 00:23 no one would blame them for concluding 00:25 that someone who uses gay as an insult 00:27 isn't worthy of an official response 00:30 given the unsavory details of founder 00:32 henry ford's personal beliefs it's even 00:35 more important for the ford motor 00:36 company to support marginalized 00:38 communities 00:39 it's work that everyone should be doing 00:41 but it's still insanely satisfying to 00:44 see ford making the type of car that 00:45 would give their founder a heart attack 00:48 aside from being an excellent clap back 00:49 to home of folks and a responsible step 00:51 away from certain parts of ford's pass 00:53 this customized raptor is also a 00:56 fabulous car 00:57 the real focal point is the gold foil 00:59 detailing on the back half which really 01:01 emphasizes that cute little pink heart 01:03 around the ford logo even at the custom 01:05 rainbow paint job isn't your thing the 01:07 raptor is still built to do some hard 01:09 work it's able to tow up to 7 500 pounds 01:13 that's enough to bring the whole pride 01:15 parade with you 01:17 i'm ck kimball with the tundra 01:18 enthusiast network thanks for watching

Ford wants you to know that they’re reading your comments, even when they’re not very nice. When one social media user commented that the “Performance Blue” color on the Ford Ranger Raptor pickup truck was “very gay,” Ford wasted no time making sure that their stance on the matter was clear.


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