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Outlaw Gathering With Magnus Walker

00:00 who wants a pair of nike shoes 00:07 [Music] 00:12 [Music] 00:22 [Applause] 00:26 give me a t 00:33 hey guys good morning jack here at the 00:35 pierson automotive museum for magnus 00:36 walker's event uh we see some really 00:38 cool cars today so stay tuned and let's 00:40 go see some cool cars let's go 00:43 [Applause] 00:44 [Music] 00:49 hey guys we're at the battle of the 80s 00:50 here right here is the mercedes 500 sec 00:53 with a 500 v8 making 286 horsepower this 00:56 was mercedes ultimate offering at a time 00:58 you're rolling around wall street in a 01:00 big long coupe with these amazing wheels 01:03 look at these wheels how incredible 01:05 those look huh and just through 01:07 incredible car but let's just say he 01:09 wants something more practical let's say 01:10 you want a really fast stand right here 01:12 is your answer the bmw m5 yeah it's not 01:15 a mercedes but still it's bmw bmw's are 01:18 incredible for making super fast sedans 01:19 and you have to have that m5 name plate 01:21 this m5 here has a three liter naturally 01:24 aspirated inline six making a really 01:27 nice amount of horsepower 01:33 jack good to meet you good to meet you 01:35 hey guys so here we are with rod here 01:36 who won an award for his car so why 01:38 don't you tell us the car today rod you 01:40 know some of the history of matrix which 01:42 is a french car french manufacturer this 01:44 is a 1969 matra m530 it's the first 01:48 fully in-house design car that matra did 01:50 it's a thrill to be here at the peterson 01:53 and to win people's choices it's just 01:54 fantastic so thank you thank you thank 01:56 you for talking with us oh thank you 01:58 guys so much 02:13 [Applause] 02:20 hey magnus um hey man how are you doing 02:23 good good good good you know um thanks 02:25 again for talking to me my brother up at 02:26 pebble beach oh i remember yeah that's 02:28 the modern house yeah so we can't crush 02:31 that party and eventually we just drove 02:32 right here yeah really great to see you 02:33 again so tell us a little bit um about 02:35 your valentine keep up that's the show 02:37 today well 277 it's a 71 911 t 02:41 i bought it 02:42 back in 1999 the car is 50 years old 02:45 i've owned it 22 years it's my favorite 02:47 thing and now i have a shoe that matches 02:49 the car so that's the story with the 277 02:52 wow awesome so this this product here 02:54 light the fire to your portrait 02:55 collection 02:56 uh this was the second 911 i ever bought 03:00 it's the one i'm most associated with 03:01 it's like my favorite pair of new old 03:03 shoes 03:04 i'm just comfortable in it 03:06 and that's the story with 277 that's 03:08 awesome all right thank you so much 03:10 thanks for coming cheers 03:12 thank you hey guys we're finishing up 03:14 here at the uh magnus walker outlaw 03:17 event here at the piers automotive 03:19 museum it was great to see mass again as 03:21 we reconnected and we saw him at the 03:22 aston martin uh house up in pebble um 03:25 great show today we saw a lot of cool 03:27 cars and um hope you guys enjoy the 03:29 content um stay tuned for more content 03:31 though we have a lot more coming take 03:32 care guys have a great day

Check-out Magnus Walker’s Outlaw Gathering at LA’s Petersen Automotive Museum celebrating Walker’s collaboration w/ Nike… like everything else Walker does, it didn’t disappoint.


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