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The Anatomy Of A Bond Movie Car Chase

00:00 [Music] 00:04 everyone's favorite mi6 agent is known 00:07 for tearing through the streets and has 00:08 aston martin in a not-so-subtle way that 00:10 screams i'm a spy the card chases are as 00:13 iconic as a martini shaken not stirred 00:16 and as adrenaline inducing as herring 00:21 what makes james bond card chase is so 00:23 special let's take a look the gadget the 00:26 first rule of espionage is anything can 00:28 be turned into spy gadget even your car 00:31 especially your car 00:33 james bond takes nascar worthy high 00:35 speed chases to the next level by 00:36 turning his car invisible and driving it 00:39 through an ice hotel i can die another 00:40 day emitting a smoke screen like a gold 00:43 finger using the ejector seat also like 00:46 in goldfinger or shooting literal lasers 00:48 out of the car like in the living 00:50 daylights sadly james bond does not have 00:53 a cd player in any of his cars the car 00:55 itself a james bond car chase wouldn't 00:58 be the same if he was zipping through 00:59 istanbul in a nissan central even though 01:02 he technically has a government job 01:04 james bond rolls up in an aston martin 01:06 bmw's rolled rolls royces and one time a 01:09 toyota but like a really nice toyota 01:12 jamespond's cars aren't a great use of 01:14 taxpayer money but they sure are stylish 01:17 the stunts we're not sure why q keeps on 01:20 giving james bond such expensive cars 01:22 because he has a track record of his 01:24 destroying them in the most epic way 01:26 possible 01:27 he's driven a car off a broken bridge in 01:29 the man with a golden gun and landed 01:31 perfectly on the other side he's turned 01:33 uh he's turned his car into skates and 01:36 driven through the snow in the living 01:37 daylights and he's driving his car 01:39 straight into the water in the spy who 01:41 loved me it turned into a submarine but 01:43 still 01:44 even if he keeps his license to kill he 01:46 should lose his license to drive 01:48 and there you have it the anatomy of the 01:50 james bond car chase kids don't try this 01:53 at home mostly because it's very hard to 01:55 get your hands on an amphibious pastor 01:57 martin i'm heidi lutz with the tundra 01:59 enthusiast network thanks for watching

Everyone’s favorite MI6 agent is known for tearing through a crowded city street in his Aston Martin in a not-so subtle way that screams, “I’m a spy!” The car chases are as iconic as a martini shaken not stirred -- but what makes James Bond car chases so special? Let’s take a look.


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