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CMA Music Festival

00:04 [Music] 00:07 [Applause] 00:09 we're at the Country Music Festival the 00:16 festival is just one of the best times 00:18 of the year and I absolutely love it and 00:20 he loved everyone here and we're having 00:22 a really good time we rounded up a 00:23 blessed especially night Broadway's a 00:25 lot of fun Broadway this city here it's 00:26 a lot of fun I can't a job that Jim we 00:35 go every year my fifth year in a row my 00:40 first 10 this was second time we're 00:42 newbies have national cma fest virgins 00:46 I'm excited for Carrie Underwood's and I 00:47 that's going to be the best I think I 00:49 like Dan insha'Allah they're like my 00:52 favorite their music like I really 00:54 relate to it mostly Grainger Smith 00:56 Ranger Smith Hunter Hayes and Gavin 00:58 DeGraw Mason Ramsey yeah we're gonna see 01:04 if we can find a singer after the 01:06 concert I would croak if I met Carrie 01:08 Underwood croak 01:12 everyone here is so friendly thanks 01:16 everyone here we've met it's just 01:17 amazing what's not to like about the 01:19 city there's so much to do all the time 01:21 and the people are so nice and trying to 01:23 show him that Tennessee in general 01:25 compared to Ohio a lot more stuff people 01:30 good food friendly people and it's a 01:32 good time we've had a lot of great 01:33 people everyone's in super friendly 01:35 atmosphere the drinks the bartenders the 01:38 music they are really big shots are 01:40 really been and they were good the 01:41 people I like just all the free music 01:45 they have her own all the local 01:47 musicians are amazing the talent here is 01:49 out of this world it's unreal all the 01:52 bars have great musician it means the 01:54 stage of the riverfront is awesome it 01:57 was really good although every singer 01:59 like everyone did not miss a beat like 02:01 everyone was so entertaining 02:04 country music makes me think about my 02:07 family my friends just everybody love 02:10 you're raised on it we have the classics 02:12 and then when you got the new stuff and 02:14 it's just a whole combination that makes 02:16 you who you are the man or old fashioned 02:18 man out to the earth people love salt of 02:21 the earth 02:21 everybody lives in gracious country 02:24 music that's what life is here we're 02:26 from Georgia 02:26 yeah we're gonna do 02:31 good times good weather rolling down a 02:34 dirt road 02:36 [Music] 02:41 the original antique show started in the 02:45 late 60s early seventies right at the 02:49 time it was just basically a weekend 02:50 type trip of course nothing like today 02:53 Round Top it's growing a lot when you 02:56 see something or who you smell something 02:58 and it just it brings you back to that 03:00 childhood memory the imagination starts 03:03 going through your head and you forget 03:05 about everything else until you go back 03:06 home

June 7-10 more than 100,000 ride-or-die country music fans filled the quaint yet rowdy, low-key albeit neon-light-filled streets of Nashville for the (Billboard-ranked) #1 Country Music Awards Festival where star-performers of the best sort are not on-stage but in front of it. Watch to see for yourself why Country Music Fans are the most passionate in the world -- if you don't believe us start making plans to head-out to CMA Fest 2019…no doubt you'll leave a card-carrying member.


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