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Time Flies: F1 & Watchmaking = Pure Passion

0:00 thank you 0:02 a friend of mine was friends with 0:04 Michelle Rodriguez introduced me to her 0:06 15 years ago 12 years ago and subsequent 0:10 to that we were fortunate that Tyrese 0:14 and Ludacris love our watches so we've 0:18 made sure that in every episode every 0:21 chapter of The Fast and Furious series 0:24 one of our watches that is appropriate 0:27 for the character of the individual in 0:30 the Furious movie is where our watches 0:33 Ludacris right now in this past episode 0:35 was wearing a red quantum 0:39 friend of mine asked me to come up to 0:42 Sonoma for an IndyCar race and was just 0:44 infatuated by the racing circuit of 0:47 IndyCar and before you know it I was 0:50 talking with the head of Marketing sales 0:53 and IndyCar and at that time they had no 0:55 watch sponsorship for watching brand and 0:58 he turned around and he says if you'd 1:00 like to make a watch for us and Dad kind 1:02 of gave birth to our partnership with 1:05 IndyCar we became the official time 1:08 partner of Indy Racing League for five 1:13 years and we were fortunate because we 1:15 signed up a lot of drivers as our brand 1:19 ambassadors one of them was Dan Weldon 1:22 Elio Castroneves which many know was 1:25 also from Dancing With the Stars and 1:27 also a female driver named kaduna 1:30 speaking of female race drivers wearing 1:33 the rainbow watches it's a huge 1:35 accomplishment seeing this powerful 1:37 woman in a very male-dominated sport 1:40 wearing the same watch we didn't create 1:43 a ladies bracer watch we didn't create a 1:46 ladies Indie Car Wash or immense it was 1:49 a watch 1:50 you're driving 220 miles an hour not 1:52 that you're gonna have a watch on your 1:54 wrist but it's cool to have a cool 1:56 looking watch when you get it's a great 1:58 sport where you are this close to the 2:03 driver and then he gets into his car and 2:06 drives 220 miles an hour I mean you got 2:08 to be a lunatic for me it's the funnest 2:10 part of the business is to make racer 2:12 watches maybe car watches 2:20 Music

Globally celebrated watch designer Ali Soltani takes us inside the inspiration & evolution of Ritmo Mundo, the renowned manufacturer of customized, hand-crafted watches the entertainment industry’s A-List depends on to get to set on-time & on-point.


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