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If Looks Could Kill: Bond Girls And Their Future Cars

00:00 [Music] 00:08 there are a few more iconic spies in 00:10 double o seven himself james bond 00:13 but there's a saying in england where 00:14 there's smoke there's a bond girl and 00:16 what's a bomb girl without a feisty car 00:19 while there are many classic cars 00:21 associated with bomb girls like the 00:22 toyota 2000 gt with japanese secret 00:25 service agent aki behind the wheel and 00:27 1967's 00:29 you only live twice and the mercury 00:31 cougar whipped by diana rigg in 1969's 00:34 on her majesty's secret service things 00:36 are changing in the 2020s and so are the 00:39 vehicles but what makes a bomb girl 00:41 never changes a bob girl is intelligent 00:44 resourceful and sexy and this is the top 00:47 three current or future car releases 00:49 that have what it takes to ride with a 00:51 bomb girl 00:52 number three the 2021 ford bronco 00:57 released in small numbers in mid-july 00:59 2021 this model of the retro suv has 01:02 available 35-inch tires a broad range of 01:05 off-road modes for all types of terrain 01:07 and a new advanced 4x4 system this by 01:11 four system can keep novices under 01:13 control while allowing pros of rough 01:14 terrain to bash out 01:16 we call this model the y lin 01:19 number two the chevrolet corvette z06 01:23 highly anticipated but push back to 2023 01:26 thanks quarantine this car delivered 01:28 more than 600 horsepower on wider tires 01:31 bigger brakes and a newly tuned 01:33 suspension world-class design delivering 01:36 a balanced performance this is the 01:39 tiffany case 01:41 and our number one the tesla roadster 01:44 unveiled in 2017 elon musk hopes to ship 01:47 this all-electric battery-powered 01:49 four-seater all-wheel drive sports car 01:51 in 2023 01:53 as more vehicles go electric even those 01:55 in espionage will be rocking the ev 01:58 this second gin sports car is projected 02:00 to reach top speeds of 250 miles per 02:02 hour all within a sexy sporty body it's 02:06 the honey rider cars 02:09 hot cars 02:10 i must be dreaming 02:13 this is ck gimbal with the tundra 02:15 enthusiast network thanks for watching 02:22 you

There are few more iconic spies than 007 himself, James Bond. But there’s a saying in England… where’s there’s smoke, there’s a Bond girl. And what’s a Bond girl without a feisty car? But what makes a Bond girl never changes. A Bond girl is intelligent, resourceful, and sexy. And this is the top three current or future car releases that have what it takes to ride with a Bond girl.


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