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Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Classic

00:02 [Music] 00:07 [Music] 00:12 welcome to the after party of pebble 00:14 beach right over there all the cars all 00:16 the people watching everything is coming 00:18 here to carmel we're gonna see some 00:20 great sites some great cars in action 00:22 driving on the street or just parked no 00:24 matter where you look you guys are gonna 00:25 see everything from multi-million dollar 00:28 cars to a hundred 100 000 lamborghinis 00:30 and ferraris anything and everything 00:32 we're going to see here tonight 00:34 in carmel 00:39 so we're here at the mercedes section at 00:40 pebble beach concourse elegance so the 00:42 actual meaning of the 00:44 sort of nameplate sl means super light 00:46 they took a basic formula two seats big 00:49 engine up front 00:51 and not much else behind you 00:55 hey guys we're here at delay domain 00:57 bugatti booth and here is the bugatti 00:59 chiron super sport this car did 277 01:02 miles an hour from a w16 motor with quad 01:05 turbos this car is incredible this car 01:07 has a price of 3.9 million this green 01:10 color is incredible definitely shows the 01:12 lines of the car you see all this arrow 01:14 like look at these side vents just 01:16 incredible and it's a really aggressive 01:18 stance really great job 01:22 [Music] 01:27 so unfortunately this is not a road 01:29 legal car 01:30 owners who buy these will only be able 01:32 to use these on the track as to why they 01:34 could get around with making the car 01:35 louder um not all the safety features 01:38 that would be in a normal car that car 01:40 is essentially based off um 01:43 a reworked chiron 01:44 and oh my god this thing sounds mean 01:47 [Music] 01:52 right behind us the ceo of coney said 01:54 christian von koenigsegg is giving a 01:56 rundown on three of his cars two of them 01:59 are new the kony said gumera which is a 02:01 four-seater hyper car capable of over 02:03 250 miles an hour take your family in it 02:06 as well as a brand new koenigsegg yes go 02:08 absolute a car that he thinks could go 02:10 over 300 miles an hour 02:13 kong's egg is really known for really 02:14 taking on the big dogs bugatti 02:16 lamborghini ferrari they're the new guys 02:18 in this segment these cars right here 02:20 have incredible technology and carbon 02:22 fiber wheels that weigh 13 pounds each 02:26 you 02:27 don't have to move the front seat to get 02:29 in and out of the rear seat and you can 02:31 fit 02:32 four fully grown ups into this car 02:35 joined the company a couple of years ago 02:37 but always had a dream of coming here 02:39 i've had a few experiences working for 02:41 other sports car manufacturers 02:44 how are you guys continue to innovate in 02:46 this industry that is constantly like 02:48 changing over on these years 02:51 so i i would like to think that we are 02:53 part of contributing to the change 02:56 and that we're kind of leading the 02:57 charge of change of course we're pushing 03:00 the envelope of electrification but also 03:02 renewable fuel combustion because we 03:04 find it exciting and we're kind of alone 03:07 in doing that 03:08 it's not so much about transportation 03:09 it's about passion i think you could 03:11 also think of it in terms of if there's 03:13 gains and efficiency improvements to be 03:15 made in internal combustion engines it 03:18 would be stupid not to pursue them 03:21 so what did you drive here today 03:23 was this thing you launched what's it 03:25 called uh it's called the tundra um it's 03:27 enthusia is sort of like a lot like a 03:28 robber board but for uh younger people 03:30 oh okay the future yeah the future 03:34 give me a name for aston 03:36 come on that's the martin 03:37 you gotta remember where you are even 03:38 though he's got a ferrari shirt yeah 03:40 nice meeting you guys nice to meet you 03:42 take care 03:44 we are standing right outside the aston 03:46 martin house in pebble beach here right 03:48 behind us is the all-new aston martin 03:50 dbx 542 horsepower 516 pound-feet of 03:54 torque from this mercedes source 4-liter 03:56 twin turbo v8 they want people to make 03:58 people know that this is an aston martin 04:00 and they truly did that here from the 04:02 wheels from the grill from the rear end 04:05 and it's just a great looking car 04:09 [Music] 04:10 here we are guys in the roads of carmel 04:13 and this is an incredible 04:15 red carpet for cars and here i'm sitting 04:17 next to the 1997 lamborghini diablo gtr 04:21 this car here is equipped with six liter 04:22 v12 making around 590 horsepower 04:25 naturally aspirated racing on the track 04:27 you're slamming through that 6-speed 04:28 manual you hear that v12 screaming in 04:31 your ears it's a great car to be had you 04:33 know the alcantara interior the blue 04:35 color you know aerodynamics everywhere 04:37 it's all about downforce it's an 04:38 incredible driving experience if you 04:40 have these 90s 90s lambs especially the 04:42 diablo if you if you look down the 04:43 street there i um it's a yellow huracan 04:46 down there that just got pulled over 04:47 lambo i wonder how many tickets they get 04:49 down there let's take a look 04:52 [Music] 04:55 open top mclaren 04:58 [Music] 05:10 what'd you get a ticket for uh 05:13 horny nah 05:16 oh just a warning out of you 05:18 [Music] 05:19 keep going but yeah those are sick 05:22 so yeah this is the 5.7 liter ls one and 05:26 he's done a little bit of modifications 05:28 to it so he added the z06 hairs to it 05:30 this is a c5 model and this is the 05:31 revised one this is a early 2000s model 05:34 which means that it has all a lot better 05:36 tech and everything this is the car you 05:37 want to buy if you're looking at c5s and 05:39 385 pound-feet of torque so it's a 05:41 perfect amount of power and again this 05:43 car is super late you can't go wrong 05:44 with a great platform um amg gt-r one of 05:47 the first might have came out said they 05:49 were on your back about 200 05:51 not as loud all those crackles yeah oh 05:54 my god 05:55 okay i'm not gonna be cheesy but is that 05:57 a supra no 06:00 it's a bmw okay andrew that was a bit 06:02 cheesy look at this gt350 06:04 let's seeing the windshield 06:06 65. 06:08 dude oh my god 06:12 oh my god 06:14 never have i seen something more 06:15 beautiful than this 06:17 this is a mclaren p1 gtr the rear of it 06:20 and the most beautiful spec i have ever 06:23 seen it 06:24 this one is owned by aguero coach 06:26 and 06:27 my mind is blown 06:28 my mind is freaking blown 06:31 you got massive tires with of course 06:33 carbon fiber rims 06:34 because race car 06:36 no this is one of the most beautiful 06:38 cars 06:39 i've ever seen 06:41 ever ever ever this is eye candy 06:47 this is a 991 porsche gt3 rs track 06:50 weapon next to another track weapon a 06:53 nissan gtr 06:55 60's ferrari design small v12 06:58 what a beast yes one of the show 07:00 so that's basically a gt350r on a budget 07:04 you got to see cars 07:05 multi-million dollar cars rolling in 07:07 person oh my god is that that's because 07:09 that's bugatti chiron there it is eight 07:11 liter w16 07:12 261 mile per hour top speed that makes 07:15 the show special look at that tesla 07:17 [Laughter] 07:20 that was fun 07:21 right there wow yeah 07:23 what's your favorite part 07:24 [Music] 07:52 this is an incredible sight this is a 07:55 one year only 1963 corvette c2 stingray 07:59 split window they only made this version 08:02 with the split window as these two 08:04 windows are separate in the back only 08:05 for one year and it's truly incredible i 08:08 mean the c2 is my opinion the best 08:10 looking corvette there is especially in 08:12 this red little red corvette you can't 08:13 go wrong with the red corvette that's 08:15 the five-speed manual no four-speed 08:18 split window it's so iconic this one 08:20 probably here i think is around 500 500 08:23 thousand dollars 08:24 yeah they put they're starting to go up 08:26 in value more america's icon that's what 08:28 they call it american muscle 08:32 [Applause] 08:32 [Music] 08:34 great night here at carmel like i said 08:37 at monterey car week the show never ends 08:39 pebble beach is over they come over here 08:41 jack what was your favorite car my 08:42 favorite car is probably that sharon 08:44 over there 08:45 great night great cars and as jeremy 08:47 clarkson once said on that terrible 08:49 disappointment it is time to end thank 08:50 you so much for watching good night 08:55 today is a day we're here at the 08:56 concordia elegance right now right here 08:59 we're currently in the pre-war 09:00 collection all these cars are going to 09:02 get judged today they're going to pick a 09:03 winner by 5. i'm super excited my 09:05 brother and i are going to go find some 09:07 really cool cars around here there's 09:08 hundreds of millions of dollars worth of 09:10 cars here all beautiful all concourse 09:12 ready and i can't wait to see what's 09:14 gonna happen let's go find 09:15 [Music] 09:16 [Applause] 09:20 out there are over seven porsche 917s 09:24 here 1970 1971 they won le mans five 09:27 liter four and a half liter and i'm 09:28 pretty sure 4.2 flat 12 incredible cars 09:31 over 500 horsepower these cars can do 09:33 zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds think about it 09:36 2.5 seconds in 1970 that was unheard of 09:39 they actually had to ban cars like this 09:41 in 1972 for the race incredibly fast 09:43 cars for their time way ahead of their 09:45 time and really put porsche on the map 09:46 as a true le mans competitor 09:49 my name is bill cino and um i was 09:51 invited here by casa ferrari with my 09:53 ferrari f50 behind me it's class cj 09:56 certified which is a program that 09:57 ferrari does to make sure the cars are 09:59 extremely original 10:00 they go back to the fact factory with 10:02 photos to make sure that's exactly the 10:04 way it came out of the factory 10:06 so i've had this car for over about 15 10:08 years i bought it from a guy in georgia 10:10 who actually had two of them saw me one 10:12 that was his uh his museum piece his 10:14 other one was a daily driver wouldn't 10:16 sell me the sneakers with the car though 10:18 a friend that's been deaf from from 10:19 birth that texted me that he wanted to 10:21 go for riding the f50 i said sure i'll 10:23 take him for a ride got out texted me he 10:25 says he thinks he heard it i want to see 10:27 all these sp1s and sp2s it's pretty 10:30 unusual to get all these cars together 10:31 from all the different owners i mean i 10:33 hear there's over 40 cars here it's 10:35 fantastic to see so many in one spot 10:36 from all over the united states so i'm 10:38 looking forward to talking to the owners 10:39 of those cars you know it's funny i used 10:41 to be a porsche guy i still am but when 10:44 i drove my friend says you've got to 10:45 drive this challenge stradali and i've 10:47 never been in a ferrari before i sat in 10:49 the town stradali and i drove it for 10:51 like 10 feet and i said oh now this is 10:54 unbelievable i need to get one of these 10:56 cars it's totally different than the 10:57 porsches the experience the sound the 10:59 feel so i bought my challenge through 11:01 dolly was my first ferrari and then i 11:03 just went nuts after that so that's kind 11:05 of what got me into it 11:06 [Music] 11:10 next to us is a very rare 1.8 million 11:13 dollar starting price one seater this is 11:16 a ferrari sp1 it employs a 6.5 liter v12 11:19 making 809 horsepower look at this car 11:22 open top no windshield can't even drive 11:24 this on the street track only car the 11:26 car like this with the screaming v12 is 11:28 like basically the last of a dying breed 11:30 next to us here is this an is another 11:32 extremely rare car basically the same 11:34 car they employ the same power plant 11:35 except this one is an sp2 meaning it has 11:37 two seats 11:38 similar in price 11:39 the sp1 and sb2 they're only making 500 11:42 of these cars worldwide and never before 11:44 have i seen this many cars in one place 11:46 what makes these cars street illegal is 11:48 that they don't have a windshield they 11:49 don't have a lot of technology necessary 11:51 to drive these on the street because the 11:52 us has a lot in a lot of times stricter 11:55 regulations in some other countries 11:56 around the world so 11:58 they have to federalize this to make it 12:00 um 12:02 to make it able to drive on the street 12:03 with a show and display rule that only 12:05 limits you to two thousand miles per 12:06 year yeah uh we we were able to go to 12:09 modena to see the uh dude at the ferrari 12:11 factory you see it's being built it's a 12:12 credible sight to see you know how how 12:14 they take the time and build these cars 12:16 you know just like piece by piece and 12:18 it's just amazing to see the process of 12:19 being the sp1 and the sp2 being built 12:22 all these cars here are made to order 12:23 paint to sample everything to sample for 12:25 the owner um they get to spec them out 12:27 by themselves with ferrari's tailor-made 12:29 program this is called the iconic series 12:30 car 12:31 i mean hey um if i was single i'd take 12:34 the single one if i had a day then i'd 12:35 probably take this one 12:39 last time i did a movie with clint 12:40 eastwood he messed me up 12:43 my name is ed montini and i was invited 12:46 to participate here in the 2021 classic 12:50 it's a 1958 elena 12:53 e-l-l-e-n-a 12:55 and they made 39 of these they call them 12:57 high roof elena's out of the 39 there's 13:00 20 in existence today and out of the 20 13:03 about half of them have the original 13:05 drive train and this is the only one 13:07 that's classique certified i've been to 13:09 pebble beach a couple times as a 13:11 spectator but this event with the 13:14 classique in the car is my very first 13:16 time it's been a wonderful event i 13:18 bought the car in 2015 we spent four to 13:22 five years in the restoration process 13:24 car came out of reno nevada it was in a 13:27 trailer the gentleman that owned it 13:29 bought the car in 1974 for like a measly 13:33 2 500 13:35 and he 13:36 took the car apart and decided he was 13:38 gonna restore it of course and from 1974 13:41 to the time i bought the car he never 13:43 restored the car he completely took it 13:46 apart every nut bolt screw 13:49 wire was cut when i picked it up it had 13:52 a body 13:53 and had six crates of parts 13:55 so when i brought the car home 13:58 the car sitting in a garage with all the 14:01 crates and my wife came out the kitchen 14:03 and she looked in the garage and she 14:05 said 14:06 we paid how much for this 14:09 and i'm like kimberly 14:11 you have to have a vision you have to 14:14 have a vision of what it's going to look 14:15 like 14:16 over the months we started to assemble 14:18 the car in the garage unrestored and we 14:21 started piece by piece 14:23 finally got it to a point where we can 14:25 figure out 14:26 well what's missing well obviously the 14:28 radiator was missing 14:30 the wheels were missing at the time and 14:32 the seats were missing having said that 14:34 we started the whole restoration process 14:36 of 14:37 restoring the car oh i probably put 400 14:40 000 into it it's worth about 1.3 million 14:43 now so it was uh 14:45 challenging but here we are you can't 14:48 ask for a better reward than what we 14:50 have here today in pebble beach and casa 14:53 ferrari it's just all been excellent 14:55 excellent 14:58 yeah my name is rob shanahan 15:00 and i'm a panel judge here this is my 15:03 20th year mostly we're looking for 15:04 originality you know the idea is to make 15:07 sure that these cars get preserved for 15:08 future generations and to make sure that 15:11 they're original you'll see a lot of 15:12 original cars that have never been 15:14 touched and a lot of cars that have been 15:15 restored but you know our job is to make 15:17 sure they restore them exactly as they 15:19 were originally 15:20 well that is a wrap here from our 15:22 coverage of pebble beach really had a 15:23 fun time it was incredible seeing all 15:25 these amazing cars i would definitely 15:26 come here again so many beautiful cars 15:28 and valuable cars all in one place 15:30 thanks for watching

Explore the extraordinary Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2021 with GEN Z SuperCar Enthusiasts (and twin brothers!) Jack and Andrew Goetz.


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