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Best Thrills: Rollercoasters Or Space Shuttles?

0:00 [Music] 0:05 you're strapped in back pressed against 0:07 the seat as you feel the vibration from 0:09 the vehicle amping up around you then a 0:12 moment of anticipation before you feel 0:13 yourself launched from zero to 128 miles 0:17 per hour in 3.5 seconds straight up into 0:21 the atmosphere that describes the 0:22 experience of the king dakar roller 0:24 coaster located at six flags great 0:26 adventure in jackson new jersey king 0:28 dakar opened in 2005 is the tallest 0:31 roller coaster in the world at 0:33 456 feet for thrill seekers king dakar 0:37 often tops the lists for most intense 0:39 but how does the six flags record 0:41 stomper match up to a space shuttle 0:43 launch is it too extreme for even the 0:45 most seasoned roller coaster enthusiast 0:48 let's cover the facts the top speed for 0:50 king dakar is 128 miles per hour for a 0:53 space shuttle to reach minimum orbit it 0:56 has to accelerate from zero to eighteen 0:58 thousand miles per hour in eight and a 1:00 half minutes that's about zero to sixty 1:03 miles per hour in five seconds at first 1:05 take off much slower than king dakar 1:08 the difference here though is the 1:09 shuttle doesn't stop king dakar 1:11 increases in speed breaking the sound 1:13 barrier in 45 seconds and moving 10 1:16 times faster than a speeding bullet but 1:18 speed means nothing if you can't feel it 1:21 the international space station itself 1:23 orbits earth at 5 miles a second the 1:26 maximum g-force of a space shuttle is 1:28 typically 3g and the g-force of king 1:31 dakar can reach 6.3 g what's our 1:34 conclusion 1:35 some of the most intense roller coasters 1:37 can give you a little taste of the 1:39 experience of space travel but nothing 1:41 on earth can come close to the real 1:43 thing i'm audrey davis with the tundra 1:45 enthusiast network thanks for watching

You’re strapped in, back pressed against the seat, as you feel the vibration from the vehicle amping up around you. Then, a moment of anticipation before you feel yourself launched from 0 to 128 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds straight up into the atmosphere. That describes, of course, the experience of the Kingda Ka rollercoaster located at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. But how does the Six Flags record stomper match up to a Space Shuttle launch?


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