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These Boots Are Not Made For Spacewalking

00:00 [Music] 00:05 march 29 2019 was meant to be a 00:07 momentous occasion for nasa astronauts 00:09 christina cook and anne mclean were set 00:11 to do the first all-female spacewalk 00:13 outside the international space station 00:15 unfortunately that spacewalk was 00:16 cancelled the reason a wardrobe 00:19 malfunctioned they had the wrong top for 00:20 anne mclean a seemingly simple oversight 00:23 but it's an oversight that was created 00:24 by nasa's male dominating history 00:26 highlighting an issue that'll affect 00:28 space flight into the future the 00:29 differences between men and women living 00:31 in space has been studied for decades in 00:34 the beginning nasa following the 00:35 military protocol at the time actually 00:37 excluded women from training fast 00:39 forward a few decades and you've got a 00:40 big problem spacesuits are not all one 00:43 size fits all when it comes to space 00:45 walks 00:46 size does matter but like fashion on 00:48 earth it became more practical to 00:49 develop them in a more general size 00:52 especially since they cost millions of 00:53 dollars to create this led to nasa 00:56 cutting sizes to cut costs usually the 00:59 smaller sizes and a lot of women need 01:01 the smaller sizes 01:03 this was fine for a while but the start 01:05 of the international space station 01:07 brought along a requirement for space 01:09 walks for occasional repairs so what's a 01:11 female astronaut to do as for anne 01:13 mclean she may have missed her chance at 01:15 the first all-female spacewalk but this 01:17 is not her first face rodeo nor will it 01:19 be her last so is nasa's cancelling of 01:21 the first all-female spacewalk due to 01:23 sexism or is the administration just 01:25 being super cheap tell us what you think 01:27 in the comments i'm ck kimball with the 01:29 tundra enthusiast network and thanks for 01:31 watching 01:33 [Music]

March 29th, 2019 was meant to be a momentous occasion for the federal space agency. Astronauts Christina Koch and Anne McClain were to embark on the first all-female spacewalk. Unfortunately, that March all-female spacewalk was canceled. Why? A wardrobe miscalculation. Specifically, it was the wrong size suit top for Anne McClain.


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