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The Best 007 Car Gadgets

00:00 [Music] 00:05 nothing says james bond like martinis 00:08 and great cars 00:10 of all the franchise superheroes out 00:12 there 00:13 none are as inextricably linked to great 00:16 cars like 007 00:18 and with no time to die the next 00:20 installment in the bond franchise coming 00:22 to theaters soon we wanted to take a 00:24 look at some of the craziest bond car 00:26 gadgets over the years bond car gadget 00:29 number five the 1980 lotus esprit that 00:33 transformed into a submarine in for your 00:36 eyes only 00:37 unlike most bond gadgets that seem to be 00:39 created with very niche uses in mind 00:41 this one actually seems like quite 00:44 practical to this day there are 00:46 manufacturers that make amphibious cart 00:49 but the fact that it's a supercar and a 00:51 british one at that 00:52 makes it so very bond 00:55 being able to drive off a pier during a 00:57 car chase press a button and then just 01:00 sit back and watch your car transform 01:01 into a submarine would be so useful in 01:04 real life namely in getting away from 01:06 your in-laws no clancy and martha i do 01:09 not want to see the side show from your 01:10 jersey shore trip 01:12 some quick trivia elon musk a real-life 01:15 bond villain 01:16 bought the submarine prop car for one 01:18 million dollars and said that he plans 01:19 to make a real submarine car out of it 01:22 no word on that yet keeping our fingers 01:24 crossed number four timothy dalton's the 01:27 living daylight one of the most 01:29 underrated bomb films starring one of 01:30 the most underrated bonds in our opinion 01:33 featured a v8 aston martin vantage and 01:35 it laser wheels you heard that right 01:38 laser wheels let me explain this complex 01:41 scenario so that you can understand it 01:42 its wheels 01:44 shot lasers out of them 01:46 you can see it in action here lasering 01:48 the soviet cop car during a chase 01:50 sequence 01:51 how does this thing even work where are 01:53 the laser beams coming from within the 01:55 axle where's the power coming from last 01:57 i checked the normal 12 volt battery 01:59 that comes in a car is barely able to 02:01 charge my iphone much less a high 02:03 powered plasma beam 02:05 clearly this is meant to be more of a 02:07 modern take on the famous wheel 02:08 shredders from the og bond car the db5 02:11 and we love it 02:13 more lasers and everything please coffee 02:15 mug put a laser in it masonry put a 02:18 laser in it dentures you guessed it 02:20 lasers now it's time for our famous 02:23 segment notable mentions look at the 02:25 skis that come out of this particular 02:27 bond car skis where are you gonna need 02:29 skis number three in tomorrow never dies 02:33 bond is up against the scheming media 02:35 mogul who plans to engineer a war 02:37 between the world's superpowers so he 02:39 can make a fortune covering it a 02:41 dastardly plot to be sure and bond's 02:43 arsenal for this mission included the 02:45 stunning bmw 750il 02:49 in the film bond goes on a hair-raising 02:51 car chase in a parking garage where bad 02:53 guys throw up all manner of traps to 02:56 stop them and one of them is a big metal 02:59 rope stretch taut to basically bisect 03:03 the car as it drove through it 03:05 and what does bond do to combat this 03:07 specific obstacle a very specific 03:10 cutting device that pops out from under 03:12 the bmw logo on the hood 03:15 we're going to have to put q branch on 03:17 blast with this one q your whole plan 03:20 for this thing was that it only works on 03:22 horizontal things specifically metal 03:24 ropes that are precisely three to four 03:27 feet above the ground 03:29 what if it was two or four and a half 03:31 feet above the ground bond would have 03:33 had enough like a deli cold cuts number 03:36 two the invisibility cloak in die 03:38 another day the last pierce brazen bond 03:40 movie an actor better known for his 03:42 criminally overlooked rendition of 03:44 winner takes it all in mamma mia the 03:46 amazing aston martin v12 vanquish is 03:48 outfitted with an invisibility cloak now 03:52 as much as i hate this we do have to 03:54 take cue to task for this as well an 03:56 invisibility cloak is the very first 03:58 thing we would have thought of that's 04:00 like the number one thing aside from 04:02 flying that everybody wants as a 04:04 superpower also as much as we love the 04:06 idea of putting it on the vanquish may 04:08 not have been the best car to do it 04:10 since its v12 growls like a lion number 04:14 one has to go to the very first and 04:16 frankly ultimate bond car gadget the 04:19 ejector seat 04:20 the gadget featured in goldfinger is so 04:23 bonkers that of course submarines lasers 04:25 and invisibility had to come next the 04:28 concept here is that your passenger in 04:30 the beautiful db5 is a bad guy or girl 04:33 and you want to get rid of them with 04:35 extreme prejudice do you stop the car 04:37 and wrestle them out of it no 04:39 that is so gauche 04:41 clearly the gentlemanly way to get rid 04:43 of an unwanted guest is to rocket them 04:45 30 to 40 feet in the air with no means 04:48 of coming down safely i'm leo schrevsky 04:51 for the tundra enthusiast network thanks 04:53 for watching 04:59 you

Nothing says James Bond like martinis and great cars. Of all the franchise heroes out there none are as inextricably linked to great cars as 007. And with "No Time To Die", the next installment in the Bond franchise, coming to theaters soon we wanted to look back on some of the craziest Bond car gadgets over the years.


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