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RuPaul's Dragcon L.A.

00:01 there's so many young people here with 00:07 their moms and their dads and their 00:09 families it just means so much because I 00:11 think back I mean I'm an older queen and 00:13 you I know you can't tell they're all 00:14 this makeup just to imagine like when I 00:15 was like 12 or 15 when I was growing up 00:18 in Kansas to have my mom or my dad go to 00:20 something called rad con it makes you 00:22 happy and makes you feel good and you 00:25 know almost brings a tear to your eye 00:26 because you you realize that there's 00:27 other kids out there that they just wish 00:29 they had a place like this it's my very 00:36 first time I did not know what to expect 00:38 there is so much diversity you were not 00:41 going to see the same kind of Queen walk 00:42 by twice so I've seen a couple but 00:44 there's so much diversity here and it's 00:46 amazing to see what kind of people latch 00:47 onto what kind of claims and how they 00:49 touch people in different types of ways 00:50 it is amazing it is like glitter on 00:54 overload I love it too that so much fun 00:56 so much to do so many beautiful Queens 00:58 there's so many vendors so many 01:00 different avenues of drag it 01:03 there's definitely more people this year 01:05 the space is a lot bigger 01:07 there's no negativity here everyone's 01:09 positive everyone that I've met Queens 01:11 regular people 01:14 drats for me is always a way to give 01:16 back to our community and to say 01:18 something powerful to young kids would 01:21 that be just be yourself 01:22 love yourself it's about community and 01:24 loving yourself and loving everyone it's 01:26 like therapy like it's improved my my 01:28 personal life I learned this ain't grown 01:30 so much as a person because they taught 01:31 me how to stay humble respectful and all 01:34 it's to be yourself if I can go out 01:36 looking like that 01:39 exactly as they choose to 01:41 teaches people to embrace themselves 01:43 it's just the community of people and 01:45 the acceptance of everyone that's 01:48 society is to love each other they are 01:51 [Music] 01:52 times are changing I think parents are 01:55 hopefully more accepting of their 01:56 children 01:57 there are a lot more children here than 01:59 so I think times are changing and I 02:02 think that's 02:03 like have family support like that's 02:06 just so rare and so wonderful people are 02:09 here supported by their family it really 02:11 brings joy to my heart to know that the 02:13 parents let their kids lead 02:19 being a mom I don't know what is in 02:20 store for 02:21 he goes up so I want him to be 02:24 comfortable with telling me anything the 02:30 stories where people were walking into 02:31 the pub crying if their life was going 02:33 so bad and they're walking out crying 02:35 cuz they're laughing so hard 02:41 you

One may not anticipate describing RuPaul's DragCon as “sacred” but attending last week's 2018 LA convention was nothing short of that. Who would imagine the sterility of one of the world's largest convention venues could be so completely transformed by the pure heart of its attendees -- with as many families as Drag Queens, social change was not only in the air – it permeated it.


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