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Get A Mad Max Car For The End Times

00:00 [Music] 00:04 it's about time the cars we drive 00:06 reflect the times we live in 00:09 are you ready to ride around on the 00:11 gigahorse or perhaps the doof wagon is 00:13 more your style 00:15 25 of the cars from mad max fury road 00:18 the post-apocalyptic masterpiece for 00:21 2015 are being auctioned off to the 00:23 highest bidder when fury road first 00:26 rumbled into theaters many thought that 00:27 a lot of these car designs were the 00:29 result of computer wizardry 00:31 but according to colin gibson the film's 00:33 production designer all of the cars used 00:36 throughout the filming were were and 00:38 fully remain 00:39 functional vehicles 00:41 they actually are real 00:44 for example the doof wagon the doof 00:47 wagon is a truck that started life as a 00:49 military vehicle once used for launching 00:51 rockets 00:53 then there's the gigahorse this double 00:55 decker takes two 1969 cadillac coupe de 00:59 ville and turns it up to 11 by welding 01:02 one right on top of the other finally 01:04 our favorite vehicle has to be the pole 01:07 cars 01:08 this makes the top of our list because 01:10 the converted 1956 pontiac custom safari 01:13 looks truly insane 01:15 and we're very happy that cirque du 01:17 soleil finally found its niche in the 01:18 barren heliscape of the future 01:21 the lot is set to be sold at lloyd's 01:22 later this month so reach out and place 01:25 your bid if you want to ride eternal 01:26 shiny and chrome 01:29 [Music]

It’s about time that the cars we drive reflect the times we live in. With that in mind, we are thrilled to have discovered 25 of the cars from Mad Max: Fury Road, the post-apocalyptic masterpiece from 2015, are being auctioned off to the highest bidder. And it doesn’t take the twisted mind of a car enthusiast to know that nothing better exemplifies the heights of car modding than the sheer, well… madness of some of these designs.


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