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Detroit's Woodward Dream Cruise

[Music] 00:10 the first year was absolutely crazy 00:14 because there is really very little 00:16 supervision but the police got on it 00:18 right away they cleaned it up it's 00:19 turned into about a million people that 00:21 show up every year I tell you cars in 00:23 Detroit keeps a lot of people together 00:25 and I think it induces young and old of 00:28 all ages cars is what started us through 00:31 us they just what we are today we like 00:33 to celebrate our culture 00:35 [Music] 00:45 oh you know I'm an old guy so you know 00:47 it takes me back to my huge that's kind 00:50 of why we celebrate the cruise is 00:52 because it brings back our memories I've 00:54 been cruising Woodward Avenue since 1964 00:57 we would ride our bikes up here and 00:59 watch the likes of John DeLorean and the 01:02 hydrogen's ramp charger cars it was a 01:05 hotbed of activity on Friday and 01:07 Saturday nights it was a cheapest thing 01:09 to do 01:10 gas was 29 cents a gallon and we cruise 01:13 and we drag race that was only 17 years 01:15 old at that time it was a big thrill for 01:18 me because I probably the youngest kid 01:19 that was drag racing at that time they 01:21 loved g-force oh it was great we used to 01:23 drive up and down Woodward ball four 01:25 lanes wide holding hands that goes back 01:28 to high school we had everything at our 01:30 right foot you know it was a great time 01:32 to be alive 01:34 I bought at ninety nine thirty two 01:36 thousand miles 01:37 it's a charmer the fins stainless cold I 01:41 mean you could put for dead people in 01:43 the trunk this is a 1962 Corvette it's a 01:46 300 horsepower Glide they only built 265 01:49 of them so it's kind of a rare beast 01:51 this is a 1951 MG TD 01:54 this car was made for British 01:56 consumption right-hand drive so you're 01:57 shifting whether your left hand all the 01:59 time 01:59 54 Chevy got it in Kansas bought it is a 02:02 right out of the field 265 stingray 02:06 coupe with air-conditioning which is 02:08 somewhat rare and all the other features 02:10 except power steering that's a bugger 02:13 the spirit was a little gift my dad had 02:18 a Ford dealership I'd go and fitting 02:21 them bought Mustangs and stand on the 02:23 seat like I'm driving oh my dad always 02:25 worked on him he was always tinkering 02:26 and it was just you know something we 02:28 were always around my old man he was in 02:30 the cars when were younger we if we see 02:32 an old you know thirties 40 car on the 02:36 side of the road he'd always stop and 02:37 look at it my mom always said that I 02:39 came out you know smoking the tires 02:41 lowrider magazine books Internet 02:44 anything you could find with cars with 02:46 hydraulics custom paint and just 02:48 inspired me as a kid started with Hot 02:50 Wheels I think it did with a lot of 02:52 people and my buddy had a 51 Oldsmobile 02:55 car and he blew me away 02:59 I just said well I needed all four 03:01 wheels and I've been with American ships 03:05 it's a hobby but it's more it's more 03:07 than that right it's like gets in your 03:09 blood it's kind of a bug you get into it 03:11 you never get rid of it you're never 03:13 really out of it you're always in the 03:15 car game it's a passion it's a it's a ha 03:17 it's not just a hobby every night after 03:19 work turning wrenches fixing maintaining 03:22 you change the oil you clean the engine 03:24 I really get attached to the car there's 03:27 a closeness I know every crevice every 03:29 bump everything there is because I don't 03:32 use the wheels I do everything by hand 03:35 nothing like this when I started when I 03:38 got it it was pretty tired pretty worn 03:40 out the restoration process to bring it 03:41 back and make it new again it's fun it's 03:44 just a kick 03:44 you got something that's broken you have 03:46 no idea what's going on you've never 03:48 taken it apart you don't know what it's 03:49 supposed to work like originally so how 03:52 are you supposed to get this thing is 03:53 broken back to that but you can actually 03:55 a lot of times you can work your way 03:56 through it working on a car lets me 03:58 clear my mind 03:59 some people play music and some play the 04:01 piano I work on the car I have a lot of 04:03 stress and when I go into the garage 04:05 everything stops 04:09 my first car was a band before dan I 04:12 think my dad did that to make me realize 04:14 how much gas prices are worth it was a 04:17 minivan 04:17 I put rims sound system tinted the 04:21 windows you know it's all I could do as 04:23 a youngster in high school oh I loved it 04:26 it was a white Omega Oldsmobile the 04:29 t-tops with the double seat I was 16 and 04:32 I loved it it was so fun and just be 04:35 able to drive it gave me some freedom 04:37 because I I could I could go and do 04:39 things everybody went to the drive-in 04:41 then that has women on roller skates 04:43 come out and serve you so that was kind 04:46 of where we would accumulate the 04:47 euphoria was amazing freedom rado 04:53 freedom getting to talk to people their 04:57 experiences that they might have had the 04:59 same similar type vehicle it reaches a 05:01 lot of people across the board for 05:03 muscle cars to everything that's the 05:05 best part of it people walk up this 05:07 guy's been talking for a half-hour I 05:09 don't know if I'm Adam we're best 05:11 friends none of us have a problem on our 05:13 own if we have one we'll call up one and 05:16 say hey I've got this what what do you 05:18 think where's a good place to get the 05:20 parts the guy says well hey uh I'm free 05:21 this afternoon I'll come over to help 05:23 you put her on so we have a kind of a 05:25 bond has to come that over the 20 years 05:27 we've been doing this that we've just 05:29 become very very close friends but all 05:31 because of the car 05:32 [Music] 05:36 [Applause] 05:38 [Music]

More than one million Classic Car Enthusiasts from all-over the globe participated in the world's largest, annual one-day classic car show, where the engines of 40,000 classic cars roared up-and-down Detroit's historic Woodward Avenue.


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