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Sorry But You Will Never Fly Like The Jetsons

00:00 [Music] 00:04 nothing says the future like neon 00:06 covered skyscrapers stretching up to the 00:08 sky space travel and cars that fly or 00:11 hover 00:12 and while skyscrapers keep getting 00:14 higher and the world's eccentric 00:15 billionaires are fully on their way to 00:17 colonizing pluto the only thing we may 00:19 never have at least in our lifetime as 00:21 dreams fulfilled from our futuristic 00:23 wish list is cars whizzing around up in 00:26 the wild blue yonder 00:28 as much as we love to believe we can 00:29 eventually mirror the flying vehicles we 00:31 see on the big screen and sci-fi 00:33 franchises like star wars and star trek 00:36 most of these fictional cars rely on 00:37 technology that's far too impractical to 00:40 ever be viable in reality 00:42 let's look to the hovercraft for an 00:44 example hovercrafts require a ton of 00:46 energy and they're notoriously difficult 00:48 to control on land the closest anyone 00:51 came was the avro car a military project 00:53 that was canceled because the prototype 00:55 couldn't be safely flown more than a few 00:57 feet from the ground but here's the 00:59 number one reason why humans will never 01:01 enjoy a sunset flight in a subaru we're 01:04 not responsible for this kind of thing 01:06 the faa currently requires 60 hours of 01:09 flight time under an instructor before 01:11 even being qualified to take a final 01:13 flight test 01:14 on top of that there have been close to 01:16 140 000 automobile related fatalities 01:19 from 2016 to 2019 and 29 of them were 01:23 alcohol related now imagine that in the 01:25 sky with even greater speeds and on land 01:27 don't get us wrong we enjoy a bleak 01:30 cyberpunk dystopia filled with sleep 01:31 flying cars as much as the next nerd but 01:34 this piece of sci-fi is going to be 01:35 staying in our dreams for a long long 01:37 time 01:38 hi i'm c.k kimble with the tundra 01:40 enthusiast network thanks for watching

Nothing says “The Future” like neon-covered skyscrapers stretching up into the sky, regular and safe space travel, and cars that fly or hover. And, while skyscrapers keep getting higher, and the world’s overcompensating, eccentric billionaires are fully on their way to colonizing Pluto, the only thing we’ll likely never have from the futuristic checklist is cars whizzing about in the sky.


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